Useful Accessories For A Rafting Trip

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Useful Accessories For A Rafting Trip

27 September 2021
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When you're preparing to take a rafting trip, you'll want to take some time to assemble the right clothing. Athletic attire tends to work well, as it will allow your body to move freely, while also helping to keep you cool while you exert yourself. It's important to also give some thought to what accessories you'll use on your trip. In general, you'll want to keep your accessories to a minimum when you're on the raft. The up-and-down movement of the boat, coupled with the fact that you might temporarily find yourself in the river for a moment, means that accessories such as your cellphone are best to leave in your vehicle. Here are three accessories that will be handy.


A pair of sunglasses can be valuable when you're on a rafting excursion. The brightness of the sun will often reflect off the water and shine in your eyes, making it challenging for you to see exactly where you're going without sunglasses. Sunglasses will deaden the glare and allow you to see ahead of the raft more easily. Leave your designer sunglasses at home and, instead, buy an inexpensive pair. There's a small risk of losing this accessory in the water, and it's better to lose a pair that didn't cost you very much. A lanyard on the sunglasses can decrease the risk of losing them.

Water Bottle

It's important to stay hydrated while you go rafting, especially on a hot day. While you can drink water before and after the outing, some raft tours are long. The best way to prevent dehydration is to keep a water bottle with you. Instead of carrying a single-use water bottle, buy a reusable bottle from a local outdoors retailer. These bottles are often equipped with carabiners, which means that you can secure the bottle to your clothing or lifejacket so that it's always accessible when there's a chance to take a quick drink.

Action Camera

Leaving your cellphone in your vehicle doesn't mean that you aren't able to capture some scenes from this adventure. Another good accessory to carry is an action camera. These cameras are waterproof and work well in rugged conditions. Your hands will mostly be occupied with paddling, so think about mounting the action camera to your torso or head with an appropriate harness. Either position will provide you with some footage from the rafting trip that you can share with friends on social media afterward.

Learn more about what you need while rafting by contacting a local rafting company.