Tips For Choosing The Best Gymnastic Training Mat System

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Tips For Choosing The Best Gymnastic Training Mat System

17 October 2022
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Your child needs the ability to practice gymnastics at home if they want to learn new skills and progress in the sport. However, gymnastics skills can be dangerous and should be practiced in a safe manner with the proper safety equipment. One of the most critical pieces of safety equipment is a quality gymnastic training mat system. 

If you want to purchase a new mat system for your child but aren't sure what to look for, then here are some buying tips:

Determine the Desired Mat Size 

Gymnastics mat systems come in a wide variety of different sizes. You can buy small mats designed to be portable all the way up to mats large enough for a college gymnasium. 

Before you shop, measure your child's designated practice space. Once you know the dimensions, you can shop for just those mat systems that will fit and skip all those that won't. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

If you plan to move the mat system around so you can use the space for other family needs, then it is essential to select one that comes apart into manageable pieces. 

Gymnastics Mats Must Have Adequate Cushioning

Gymnastic mats serve the purpose of protecting your child from injury and pain. The mats need to be thick enough for your child to know they are protected from injury, and their practices won't be painful because their mats have inadequate cushioning.

The last thing you want is your child running towards a mat, fearing it will be painful if they fail the skill and land on it. You want your child to be appropriately fearless while learning skills and confidence the mats will do their job.

Excellent Grip for Feet and Hands

Gymnastic mat systems must provide your child's feet and hands with excellent grip to prevent injuries. 

For example, if your child plants their hands to do a handspring and instead of their hands gripping the mat, they slide forward, they could be seriously injured. 

Gymnastic mats must give your child the confidence they can run and flip on them without sliding around. This is vital because if your child slides on a mat and loses their confidence, they may never want to practice on it again or may hold back due to a fear of injury.

Finally, whether you choose vinyl, plastic, or polyurethane leather mats, make sure they provide plenty of grip. Reach out to a company like Team Sports to find out more.