Gheenoe For Sale: Inshoring Fishing Modifications

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Gheenoe For Sale: Inshoring Fishing Modifications

20 April 2021
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If you're looking for the perfect inshore fishing boat, the right gheenoe for sale in your area can be just what you're looking for. When searching for gheenoes for sale, choosing the right fishing accessories can help you put more fish in your boat.

Here are some fishing accessories that make gheenoes better for inshore angling.

Better Angling Angles

Inshore fishing is all about chasing sport fish in skinny waters. This means stealthily stalking wary fish in just a few feet of water.

  • Wading Platform: Upgrading your fishing boat to include a wading platform can make a huge difference. When choosing a wading platform, it's important to consider the height of the platform in comparison to the width of your gheenoe. To reduce instability, looking for wading platforms that are about as tall as your gheenoe is wide. These proportions will help keep your center of gravity above the gheenoe when using your wading pole to search for big fish.
  • Cooler Perch: If you don't want to invest in a wading platform, you can opt for a mounted cooler perch. These mounts bolt into your front bench and provide a secure location for your cooler. When strapped into place, you can stand on your cooler to give you a better angle to search for fish in shallow waters. To make your cooler perch even more stable, you can apply adhesive grip tape to the top of your cooler.

Motoring Momentum

Because fishing boats are light and stable, you have many motor options to choose from. When choosing the right motor options, it's important to think about power and efficiency.

  • Quiet Power: Gheenoes are designed to go where conventional fishing boats can't. To make sure you don't scare off all of the fish, you need a quiet boat motor. Choosing a quiet boat motor can help you narrow down your selection. If you have the money to spend, a 4-stroke motor can deliver exactly what you're looking for. If your budget is tighter, you can choose a boat motor with less horsepower. Regardless of what you choose, it's important to run your motor before you invest money in a gheenoe for sale.
  • Trolling Toughness: Many gheenoe anglers rely heavily on their trolling motors. When looking at your trolling motor options, look for a motor that is easy to maneuver. If you can reduce the height of the tiller shaft, you can use the trolling motor in much shallower waters.