Fishing Boat Rental Services: Finding Fish And Getting Them To Bite

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Fishing Boat Rental Services: Finding Fish And Getting Them To Bite

19 October 2020
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If you're looking to take your family on an outdoor adventure this year, a fishing boat rental service can be one of your best resources. When you book a fishing boat rental, you'll likely be fishing on new waters.

Here are some of the best ways to locate fish when you book a fishing boat rental vacation.

Become a Archivist

For fishermen, online tools and apps have been transformative. However, many fishermen only scratch the surface when it comes to digging up historical information about fishing locations.

  • Satellite Time Lapse: Online maps allow you to look at a satellite image of a location, and they also allow you to see satellite images dating back decades. Before heading out on the water with your fishing boat rental, print off 3-4 satellite images of the area, dating back a decade per picture. Once you have the 3-4 images printed, compare them, and mark any significant changes you find, like water level changes, large humps, newly flooded structures, etc. Use the locations you spot to plan out your fishing boat rental trip.
  • Government Data: The most reliable data source about a fishery is likely to come from government agencies. From the types of fish stocked, to the number of fish stocked, to angling rules and regulations for the area, you can probably find a trove of information with a quick online search. Having this information can help you target a specific species on your fishing boat rental vacation.

Cover Water Strategically

Even after you've narrowed down the spots and species you'll fish, you'll need to figure out where the fish are feeding and what they're eating.

  • Trolling the Columns: Fish tend to suspend and feed in a specific water column. The easiest way to pinpoint where the fish are setting up is trolling at a variety of depths. For instance, you might try using a three-pole setup. One pole should be outfitted with a deep diving crankbait, while the other two poles are outfitted with square bill crankbaits. As you cover water with your fishing boat rental, you will likely find that one lure gets bit more than the others.
  • Experimenting with Colors: Fish see things in light and dark color patterns. Finding the right shade can trigger fish to bite. Before you head out on your fishing boat rental vacation, pack your tackle box with a variety of dark and light colored lures.