Check These Details When You Buy A Tennis Ball Machine

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Check These Details When You Buy A Tennis Ball Machine

29 July 2020
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If you're determined to improve your prowess on the tennis court, a long list of training aids can help you. There are training aids that can help you to make better contact with the ball, work on your accuracy, and even improve your strength. One popular training aid is a tennis ball machine. This device goes by several different names, but it's similar to a baseball pitching machine in that it fires balls at you from across the court. If you're hoping to take your tennis game to the next level with the help of this piece of equipment, here are some details that you should check when you shop.

Ball Capacity

You'll find that different tennis ball machines have different ball capacities. It's generally ideal to buy one that has a capacity on the larger side. You don't want to just get into a rhythm of hitting balls and then realize that the machine is empty. This will mean that you'll have to get out of your rhythm and walk around the court to collect all of the balls that you've hit. With a machine that can hold a larger volume of balls, you'll be able to hit continuously for a longer period of time.

Ball Speed

Most tennis ball machines allow you to adjust the speed at which the machine fires the ball. This is ideal because it will allow you to work on returning the ball when it's coming to you at different speeds. Take note of the machine's maximum speed, however. It should be capable of firing the ball at a speed that is consistent with your real-life opponents. There's little value in using a machine that can only reach 40 miles per hour if your opponents are capable of serving the ball considerably faster.

Ball Angle

You'll also want to ensure that your machine is highly adjustable, as this feature will allow you to practice returning balls at different heights. When you're playing tennis against an opponent, he or she will return balls to you at various heights. Some hits will have the ball skim just over the top of the net, while others will have it be higher in the air. A machine that allows you to adjust its angle of delivering the ball will help you to practice successfully returning balls regardless of their height and trajectory. Visit a sporting goods store that specializes in tennis training aids to buy this type of equipment.

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