Three Reasons To Choose An All-Black Wrestling Singlet

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Three Reasons To Choose An All-Black Wrestling Singlet

4 June 2020
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When you shop for a wrestling singlet, you'll be impressed at the variety of design options that may catch your eye. While some wrestlers favor snazzy singlets that feature eye-catching patterns or images, there's nothing wrong with taking a simpler approach. Most wrestling gear retailers sell all-black singlets, and this may be an avenue that you wish to explore. While some people might see this choice of singlet as a little dull, others will know that it offers a number of desirable traits. Here are three reasons to choose an all-black wrestling singlet.

Intimidation Factor

In the world of sports, there is arguably no color that is more intimidating than black. Many professional and college sports teams wear black uniforms that can certainly look intimidating when they take the field. Several notable combat sports athletes have been synonymous with all-black trunks, adding to their intimidating look. If you're keen on wearing a wrestling singlet that will give you an intimidating appearance even before you step onto the mat across from your opponent, black is likely the color of singlet that you want to buy. If desired, you can combine the black singlet with black wrestling shoes and black wrist tape to further add to your intimidating appearance.

Ability To Wear It For Different Organizations

Many young wrestlers compete for different organizations consecutively and, sometimes, concurrently. For example, you might wrestle for your high school but also wrestle for a wrestling club in your community. While it can make sense to choose a wrestling singlet in your school's colors if you're only wrestling for your school, you might want something more universal when you wrestle for other organizations. Or, if you currently compete for a local club but know that you'll be switching to a different club next season, you'll want a singlet that you can continue to wear. A simple option such as all black can be ideal in either of these applications.

Lack Of Flashiness

There are some young athletes who go to considerable lengths to look flashy before, after, and even during their competitions. While this swagger might work well for some people, it might not be in alignment with your personality. You might be someone who doesn't enjoy drawing attention to yourself — rather, you might simply take pride in showing up, competing successfully, and then getting back to your training. An all-black wrestling singlet can certainly convey this attitude.