Ideas For Choosing A Paint Job For Your Hockey Goalie Mask

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Ideas For Choosing A Paint Job For Your Hockey Goalie Mask

1 April 2020
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Professional hockey goalies almost always have elaborate paint jobs on their masks, allowing them to show off their personalities and pay tribute to the teams for which they play. If you're an amateur goalie who is shopping for a new goalie mask, it's unlikely that you'll opt for a custom paint job. This doesn't necessarily mean that you need to buy a plain white, black, or gray mask, though. Instead, look for a goalie mask supplier that sells masks with different painted designs. The paint job on your mask might not be one of a kind, but it can still be perfect for you. Here are three paint jobs that you can often find and that may be appealing.


One type of goalie mask paint job to consider is a patriotic one. A mask that has an eye-catching design featuring stars and stripes, for example, might be of interest to you. You may choose this mask simply because of your patriotism, but it may also be a good mask to provide a daily incentive to continue working hard to achieve your eventual goal of representing your country at an international tournament. Of course, a stars and stripes mask isn't the only patriotic option. If you were born in a different country, consider looking for a mask that pays tribute to its flag.


It's common to find animal-themed goalie masks at hockey retailers. For example, you might find a black mask that is painted like a jaguar or a gray mask that is painted like a wolf. Some goalies favor this type of mask because they associate their personalities with a wild animal. For example, you might like the idea of a jaguar goalie mask because you feel as though the jaguar represents you on the ice — fast, aggressive, and smart.


It's always appealing if you can choose a goalie mask paint job that somehow relates to the team for which you play. While you won't likely find a paint job that specifically depicts your team, you can often find something that is close enough. This could simply be a combination of colors that is similar to your logo and jersey. Or, for example, you might be lucky to find a goalie mask painted with the theme of a pirate — a design that would be perfect if you play for a team such as the Pirates or Buccaneers.

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