Concealing Your Boat On The Water During Duck Hunter Season

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Concealing Your Boat On The Water During Duck Hunter Season

11 March 2020
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Duck hunting is a great way to put some food on your family's table and can be very enjoyable for the hunter. While ducks are plentiful, they are not easy to take because they are very smart and very wary of anything that is out of the ordinary in their environment. Setting up a duck blind is almost a requirement for the serious duck hunter. 

Duck Boats

A good duck boat is one that has a large, flat-bottom so it is exceptionally stable on the water. Breaking up the shape of the boat on the water is essential because, as the ducks come in from above, they will see the boat and fly away.

Installing a duck blind on your boat is a good way to camouflage the boat and make it harder for the ducks to see it as they approach the lake or pond you are hunting on. The blind should match the vegetation in the area as closely as possible and needs to cover the hunter and the boat. If the ducks don't see the boat but suddenly see the hunter moving in the boat, they will veer off and not come in because something is not what they expect to see. 

Duck Blind Material

The construction of your blind is important. The material used on the blind that you are putting on your boat should be durable, quiet, and water-resistant. The sound of the material moving in the wind can give your position away, so you need to make sure your blind uses a soft material that won't make noise. 

The material needs to withstand the weather, and it needs to be durable so you can take it down and put it up often without causing wear to the material. Not all blinds use the same materials, so take the time to look at a few before you choose one for your boat. You may find the best blinds are more expensive, but the quality of the blind can make it worth paying extra.

Duck Blind Styles

There are many different style duck blinds on the market, and choosing the right one for you may come down to your situation. If you shoot incoming ducks closer to the water, you need openings that allow a more horizontal gun position, but if you shoot ducks as they leave, shooting higher or more verticle may be more critical. 

If the blind does not allow you to shoot from the position you are comfortable in, you will not be comfortable in the blind. 

Work with a local duck boat blind supplier to find the right fit for your hunting wants and needs.