Buy Light-Up Soccer Balls For Your School's Soccer Team

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Buy Light-Up Soccer Balls For Your School's Soccer Team

26 February 2020
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Playing soccer on a field that is poorly lit can result in your youth team members not being able to retrieve passes or kick a ball accurately so that it winds up in the goal. If after-school and weekend practices are often held at a public park or an empty field that adjoins the school, providing the youth members with light-up soccer balls can help the children improve their accuracy. Using light-up balls is a great way to prepare for an upcoming competition against a rival soccer team.

A Regulation-Sized Ball That Contains A Bright Color

Sporting goods retailers sell standard balls that are black and white as well as balls that contain fluorescent colors and use lighting technology. A dual set of LED bulbs needs to be secured inside of a built-in chamber. When the ball is kicked, the lights will turn on, providing a soft glow that can be seen from several hundred yards away. The lighting possesses a delayed action feature, which will ensure that the lighting stays on as long as the ball remains in motion.

When game play subsides for a while, the lights will turn off. Because the LED lighting will be encased in a rubbed sheath, the lights will be protected from moisture. You may want to purchase several balls that contain contrasting color combinations. Hot pink and black, neon blue and black, or fluorescent green and black are some color schemes that can be chosen.

Simple Storage And Practice Methods

Purchase a large net to contain all of the balls in and ask one or two of your team members to collect the balls at the end of each practice session. Since the lights that are inside of each ball will turn off on their own, there are no additional steps that you need to make in between meetups with your team.

If you have decided to purchase a collection of LED soccer balls, break the athletes into pairs and assign one ball to each pair. Verbalize the drills that you would like the team members to complete.

Kicking a ball back and forth to one another or setting up goals and instructing everyone to alternate turns and attempt to make goals will prepare everyone for a real competition. If you used to cut practice short on days when it was foggy or during occasions in which the practice was being held on an unlit field, the addition of the light-up balls may prompt you to lengthen each session.