Three Myths About Scuba Diving Certification

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Three Myths About Scuba Diving Certification

21 February 2020
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Scuba diving is one of the best ways for individuals to get to explore and appreciate the diverse species that live in the oceans and other deepwater areas. However, scuba diving will require individuals to receive training if they are to be able to safely and effectively enjoy the experience of diving. Here are 3 myths about scuba diving certification.

Myth: You Only Need To Be Certified To Teach Scuba Diving

One of the most common misunderstandings that people have about scuba certification training is the assumption that this is only required when a person is looking to start teaching scuba diving courses. However, this certification is required for anyone that is wanting to rent and operate diving equipment. While individuals may find this a little discouraging if they are wanting to schedule a scuba dive for their next vacation, it is actually possible for people to complete these certification courses within a couple of weeks. During this training, you will be educated on the various pieces of equipment that will be used, the limitations of standard diving gear, and the techniques for safely handling the pressure changes that can come with scuba diving.

Myth: You Must Live Near A Large Body Of Water To Become Scuba Certified

It is easy to understand why people may assume that they must live near a body of water to be able to complete scuba diving certification. However, this is not the case as many scuba diving certification centers will have a deep pool that can be used for the confined dive portion of the training. While there is a requirement for individuals to complete open water dives, this can be done in lakes or other bodies of water that may be within driving distance of the scuba diving certification facility. In fact, many of these training providers will arrange for transportation to the open dive site, which can make it easier for students to meet this part of the requirement without needing to transport cumbersome equipment.

Myth: Only Adults Can Receive Scuba Diving Certification Training

While adults are usually the most common students for scuba diving certification training, it is possible for teenagers to complete this training. In fact, many families can find that completing this training and undergoing a scuba dive on a vacation can be an excellent bonding experience that provides lifelong memories and skills. Each scuba diving certification training facility may have its own rules concerning the minimum age of students, and you will want to speak with these centers to ensure that it will be a suitable option for your family's scuba diving training needs. Contact a scuba diving center like Scuba Haven today to get started.